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Jamie's 15-Minute Meals

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Golden chicken, braised greens, potato gratin reviewed by Kestrel

16th July 2019

I made the chicken and greens only. Chicken is flattened with salt, pepper, and rosemary then sautéed; a few rashers of bacon are then fried off to finish it. Knowing that North American chicken pieces are always larger than the UK version, I opted to...
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Keralan Veggie Curry with Poppadoms, Rice & Minty Yoghurt reviewed by friederike

11th November 2018

The dish itself, the flavours, at least how I made it, that's a solid four star rating - it was delicious! Everything else - the time management, the style of writing, the layout, - oh, and did I mention time management? - is an utter failure, one star...
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Pork steaks, Hungarian pepper sauce & rice reviewed by redjanet

29th January 2015

The sauce is lovely and overall this is a very nice, healthy meal with fresh flavours. My only drawback is, as with many of these recipes, that although the prep is fairly fast, the amount of washing up it creates (pan for the sauce, pan for the pork,...
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Crispy Parma pork reviewed by redjanet

14th January 2015

This was nice, but nothing very exciting. The chilli and mint gave a nice kick of flavour to the courgettes and the pork was easy to prepare. I didn't bother with the pre-cooked brown rice and just steamed some plain white basmati rice on the side as...
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