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Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza

Recent Reviews

75% Whole Wheat Levain Bread reviewed by jenncc

15th January 2021

So delicious! Love the complex, earthy flavor of this bread! This didn't rise as much as the mostly white loaf I made with the same levain but still delicious with a nice crumb and crisp crust.
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Pain de Campagne reviewed by jenncc

7th January 2021

Another great loaf from this book. My only complaint, which has occurred with other recipes in this book, is that the levain recipe makes far more than needed for the loaves. I use the remainder for pizza dough but I would prefer a more accurate amount....
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Field Blend #1 reviewed by jenncc

16th November 2020

This is an excellent loaf of bread - complex flavor, thin crisp crust, and gorgeous creamy interior. I did not have light rye flour so I used a combo of dark rye and AP. This was pretty easy dough to work with (probably made easier because there was...
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White Bread with Poolish reviewed by jenncc

8th October 2020

This came out great and in fact I would say its my favorite from this book, but I think the White Bread with 80% Biga (page 106) has a slight edge, as far as the non levain breads go. This is advertised as having a "thin crisp crust" which it does, but...
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