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Cool & Fresh - 100 Succesfull Recipes

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Melon, Zucchini & Pancetta Salad 1
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Cheese, Pear & Kiwi Fruit Salad reviewed by kaye16

13th August 2021

I more or less a full recipe, with about a quarter off the dressing. The cheese was Maaslander. An odd combination, but good stuff. Some chopped nuts might be nice.
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Melon, Zucchini & Pancetta Salad reviewed by kaye16

29th July 2013

This seemed like a surprising combination, but it worked quite well. Having a 100g package of pancetta, I made about a 2/3 recipe as dinner for two. No frisée, so I used a sack of mâche and arugula. Used one charentaise melon, which is similar in taste...
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Spicy Eggplant Salad reviewed by kaye16

11th July 2013

A very tasty salad, easy to make. - I made a halfish version, which was a nice light dinner for two. - I didn't salt and let drain the eggplant, just salted it and fried it. - It was a trifle salty, but not a problem. I'll omit the second bit of salt...
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