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August, 2013

Recent Reviews

Caribbean Chicken / Caribische kip reviewed by friederike

12th September 2013

Okay, but not necessarily impressive. I didn't like the flavour of the chicken wings that much, I think it was the cinnamon that bothered me. DH liked the flavour, but disliked the smell of them. The peppers ended up being slightly burned, which I think...
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Lavender Lemonade / Lavendellimonade reviewed by friederike

4th September 2013

My first association was granny's wardrobe. Luckily, that association faded quickly and I found to my surprise that I actually quite liked it. It was fresh, sweet, flowery, complex; quite sophisticated really. Who knew that granny's wardrobe could taste...
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Aubergines with Mint and Yoghurt / Frisse aubergines met munt en yoghurt reviewed by friederike

30th August 2013

Quite nice in flavour, but oh so oily! As aubergines already require a lot of oil while frying, adding extra oil (and garlic) afterwards to let it marinate is just superfluous! Skip the oil and just add the garlic. Also, the yoghurt might have been a...
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Spicy chicken with harissa and pilav / Pittige kip met harissa en pilav reviewed by friederike

30th August 2013

The chicken was very delicious - crisp skin, lots of spices, juicy meat, just right! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the rice/pilav - it was completely overcooked and lacked flavour. Nothing that cannot be remedied, though, and the basic idea...
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