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River Cottage Veg: 200 Inspired Vegetable Recipes

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Roasted potatoes and eggplant reviewed by Kestrel

6th February 2018

This is a very simple recipe and is very tasty. I kept the garlic whole and kept an eye on it as the veggies roasted, since others have commented that it can burn. I used my preserved salted herbs on this after roasting which added a nice herby flavour.
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Beet hummus reviewed by Kestrel

2nd February 2018

A great way to eat beets. I make a selection of different hummus of various colours to have with homemade crackers. This one freezes well. If you don't like cumin, reduce the amount by half.
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Kale speltotto with goat cheese reviewed by Kestrel

2nd February 2018

I made an adaptation of this with carrots and spinach substituted for the leeks and kale, and I also used my own chicken stock. The result was a very good speltotto although the texture is different from a traditional risotto. Very easy to make and I'll...
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