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Recent Reviews

Tzatziki reviewed by kateq

9th November 2022

Excellent proportions. I skip the herbs if the food it's going with is herby. Draing the cukes is critical. If using regular yogurt, let it sit in paper towel in a strainer to thicken it up.
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Vegetable Stock reviewed by kateq

5th March 2022

Excellent and easy. No roasting, no oily pans to clean but a very pure tasting broth. I had no leeks or thyme, but I had everything else. I let it cook down a bit longer, so I have a concentrated stock which I will use with water added--storing extra...
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Roasted Sweet Potatoes reviewed by kateq

1st December 2021

More a method than a recipe, but it works! Time and temperature result in perfect sweet potatoes for salads or for just plain eating.
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Roasted Carrot Turmeric Soup reviewed by kaye16

16th November 2014

We liked this. - Serves three at our house, rather than 4. - Sh, don't tell. I used half and half veggie stock and chicken stock. - Just see that I forgot the curry powder. Oh well. - Used very little apple cider vinegar. - The carrots need to be cut...
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