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The Lee Bros. Simple Fresh Southern: Knockout Dishes with Down-Home Flavor

Recent Reviews

Carrot and Turnip Slaw with Dill reviewed by hipcook

18th April 2016

I slapped a partial recipe together in a little bit of time before dinner, and it was pretty pleasant. Once the red wine actually penetrates the carrots and turnips, the sweet notes of all three become very interesting and complex. I'll definitely return...
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Collard Greens with Poblano Chiles and Chorizo reviewed by hipcook

2nd January 2016

I made this with ham hock meat instead of chorizo, which I suspect was a mistake. The combination of sauteed greens and poblanos is pretty nice, but this recipe seems to be counting on the spice and fat from sausage, and the ham hocks' salt and smoke...
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Lowcountry Pousse-Rapiere reviewed by hipcook

21st September 2014

Take a dry sparkling wine (like a cava or a prosecco), and add a plum-infused brandy syrup. Crisp and refreshing, this is a drink which could play many parts - a summer cocktail, an aperitif or a dessert drink. The brandy, plum, and cinnamon, though,...
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Brandied Plums reviewed by hipcook

1st September 2014

After 24 hours in the fridge, we broke these out, and my wife said "it tastes like Christmas." The mix of brandy and cinnamon and plum does taste like something you'd expect to find on a holiday table. I wonder how it would hold up as a fruitcake ingredient....
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