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A Year of Good Eating: The Kitchen Diaries III

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Salmon with macaroni reviewed by bunyip

13th December 2015

Simple but delicious. Poaching the fish in 600 ml of cream (that's two bottles), which is then poured over the fish and pasta, sounds richer than it is. This is partly due to the dill in the crumb topping. I served with a salad of asparagus and tomato...
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Pearl barley kedgeree reviewed by bunyip

6th December 2015

Smoked mackerel, like elderflower cordial, appears frequently in British cookbooks but is not readily available in this country. I substituted poached smoked cod with a satisfactory result. The quantity is supposed to be enough for 2, but does not specify...
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Pasta with dill and parmesan reviewed by bunyip

14th November 2015

Dill, bacon and pasta? It works a treat. Results in something like carbonara, but thickened with cream and quite a lot of parmesan instead of eggs. Would be a good substitute dish for anyone who can't eat eggs, so long as you don't use egg pasta as I...
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Lamb chops and apricots on focaccia reviewed by bunyip

11th November 2015

As Nigel says, you don't have to use focaccia so long as you have something to soak up the pan juices. I used polenta. Very tasty although my juniper berries were rather ancient. I have bought a fresh packet and will definitely make it again.
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