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Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories from An Unlikely Life on a Farm

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Brown Sugar Cookies reviewed by jenncc

1st December 2022

This made a tasty, vanilla forward, caramel-y cookie. I have only tried them after the minimal fridge rest (1 hour) but have a feeling they will be even better after the full 24 hour "curing" period. I baked them for about 19 minutes (start checking...
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Pita Bread reviewed by jenncc

9th September 2020

This is not the pita I grew up with, but it is the pita bread I always wanted - thick and puffy with a perfect pocket for all your delicious savories. I have never made pita on a baking sheet. FOUR or FIVE at a time! Yeh has you roll the dough thicker...
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Muhammara reviewed by jenncc

3rd December 2017

This was good with potential... I did not like the addition of honey and will stick to the more traditional pomegranate molasses, which does give sweetness but also a nice sourness. Also mine needed more salt and spice (perhaps to compensate for the...
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