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Ainsley Harriott's Gourmet Express 2

Recent Reviews

Hot Bloody Mary Soup reviewed by kaye16

11th March 2019

Yes, bloody Mary. Roasted tomatoes, vodka and all. Good stuff. I used chicken stock instead of vegetable stock. My chiles burnt in the roasting, but the tomatoes didn't seem to be done, so I added two more and there were done when the tomatoes were. I...
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Black and Blue Cajun Chicken Sandwich reviewed by kaye16

19th November 2018

Quick, easy, and really delicious. I wouldn't call this a snack, it's a full meal. Doesn't especially need to be served in bread; just the chicken and cheese would be fine as part of a "regular" meal. Had to look up, and then cut back, a recipe for "ground...
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Crusted Roast Rump Steak with Crispy Speckled Onions Rings reviewed by kaye16

16th October 2018

Two parts to this recipe, the meat and the onion rings. I've never made onion rings before and was surprised how easy and how tasty they were. The rings were first soaked in milk — is this usual? — then fried. One biggish (to me) onion served the...
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Jamaican Jerk Chicken reviewed by kaye16

9th September 2018

Ainsley wins again. I made a half recipe with four thighs; should have made less. Thyme rather than marjoram. I buzzed all the marinade ingredients with the staff mixer. In one stage, rather than in parts as instructed. BBQ'd the thighs. Very more-ish.
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