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The Pasta Bible: The Definitive Sourcebook, with over 1,000 Illustrations

Recent Reviews

Buckwheat Spätzle reviewed by kaye16

15th March 2019

The recipe is badly written in that it never says what to do with the finely chopped spinach. I added it with the parsley and cream. I added all the water indicated to the spätzle dough and it was still quite stiff and difficult to press through the...
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Trenette with Pesto and Vegetables reviewed by kaye16

22nd December 2018

Very simple and very tasty. I made a halfish recipe, store-bought fresh pasta. Used a quality store-bought pesto, and tomato bits from a can. Comes together quickly and tastes really good.
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Fettuccine al Salmone reviewed by kaye16

24th April 2017

Very tasty. I didn't feel like making pasta this evening, so I used tagliatelle from the freezer. Had about 180g smoked salmon bits and made all the sauce. This was fine for two. It was a bit salty, even thought I used more like 1/4tsp salt, rather than...
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Penne alla Rusticana reviewed by foodiewife

18th September 2011

Like so many pasta recipes, this one came together super fast. This isn't low-fat, by any means, but once in a while a cream sauce is such a tasty indulgence. I followed the recipe with only two adaptions. One, I doubled the garlic. Second, I didn't...
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