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The Pasta Bible: The Definitive Sourcebook, with over 1,000 Illustrations

Recent Reviews

Trenette with Pesto and Vegetables reviewed by kaye16

22nd December 2018

Very simple and very tasty. I made a halfish recipe, store-bought fresh pasta. Used a quality store-bought pesto, and tomato bits from a can. Comes together quickly and tastes really good.
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Fettuccine al Salmone reviewed by kaye16

24th April 2017

Very tasty. I didn't feel like making pasta this evening, so I used tagliatelle from the freezer. Had about 180g smoked salmon bits and made all the sauce. This was fine for two. It was a bit salty, even thought I used more like 1/4tsp salt, rather than...
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Penne alla Rusticana reviewed by foodiewife

18th September 2011

Like so many pasta recipes, this one came together super fast. This isn't low-fat, by any means, but once in a while a cream sauce is such a tasty indulgence. I followed the recipe with only two adaptions. One, I doubled the garlic. Second, I didn't...
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Mushroom Pasta Dough reviewed by kaye16

8th October 2010

A very nice pasta. I soaked the dried 'shrooms first, then used no extra water in the pasta. I used the 'shroom soaking water in the pasta cooking water. (Usually I freeze this to add to something needing a mushroomy taste.)
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