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The Artful Vegan: Fresh Flavors from the Millennium Restaurant

Recent Reviews

Key Lime Tart reviewed by Jayme

15th July 2011

This has a prebaked pistachio crust. Heads up on the bake time, it's too long. I'd start checking it after about 15 minutes. The key lime filling is so freaking good I could eat it as pudding all by itself. It's topped with a white chocolate mousse, which...
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Seitan Sausage reviewed by Jayme

7th July 2011

The addition of fennel seeds to this sausage is what really makes me love this one. My only note on the recipe is that the cheese cloth was annoying and unnecessary. I wrapped the first sausage and left the other three to skinny dip in the braising liquid...
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Cashew Cream reviewed by Jayme

7th July 2011

Barely a recipe, but something every vegan needs in their cooking arsenal. Why buy gross, sweetened soy cream when you can blend up your own delicious cashew cream in a flash for super cheap!
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Millenium Oil-Braised Garlic reviewed by Jayme

7th July 2011

Such a simple thing to do with your garlic, but really turns any garlicy dish up a few notches. A sprig of rosemary, a head of garlic and some olive oil plus a little oven time and you have the perfect garlic. I made these to go with the soft garlic polenta...
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