By Angela Boggiano
Cassell Illustrated - 2006
ISBN: 1844035484

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Recent Reviews

Free-form Cheese, Bacon and Onion Pie reviewed by friederike

22nd April 2018

This seems to be an English version of Kapsalon - lots of things that are delicious on their own because they're heavy on the fat are thrown together in one dish, and the result is... not really delicious, because it's just to much. This pie is nothing...
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Sausage, Apple and Sage Plate Pie reviewed by friederike

14th March 2015

A very simple but also very delicious pie! The only thing we'd do differently next time is to use the shortcrust pastry as a topping only - using pastry on top and below results in too much pastry compared to too little filling. DH made this dish for...
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Cornish Pasties reviewed by friederike

10th December 2014

Not impressed. The pastry is very similar to the Short Cut Pastry in that the fat is first frozen, then grated into the flour, which makes it a very fast and cold pastry - but unfortunately, this recipe uses lard, and lard doesn't freeze well. Instead,...
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Rich Shortcrust Pastry reviewed by friederike

15th March 2014

I can't imagine I haven't reviewed this pastry before! I've used it at least twice, with the Beef and Ale Pie and the Chicken, Leek and Tarragon Pie. With the Beef and Ale Pie, it was fine albeit a bit dry. For the Chicken, Leek and Tarragon Pie, I...
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