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Casa Moro: The Second Cookbook

Recent Reviews

Paella with Prawns and Chicken reviewed by friederike

1st December 2016

Quite bland, I'm afraid. It didn't help that this paella only contains prawns and chicken, which is quite meagre for a paella - I chose this recipe specifically because I'm pregnant and would rather not eat mussels, but why not add some fish? Either way,...
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Besugo al Horno / Baked Bream with Potatoes and Tomatoes reviewed by friederike

5th October 2014

Brilliant! A very easy recipe that only needs a little prep (mainly peeling and cutting), then no work at all; in addition, it doesn't use any spices and is still very delicious, which makes it the ideal dish to make while traveling. It didn't quite...
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Pollo al Ajillo con Piñones y Pasas / Chicken Braised with Pine Nuts, Raisins and Saffron reviewed by friederike

7th September 2014

Quite nice, and very simple. It did take a lot longer than expected, though, because frying the garlic and the chicken took longer than I thought it would, and the chicken needed to braise a little longer than indicated as well. We used 4 chicken legs...
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Carrot Salad with Orange-Blossom Water reviewed by friederike

1st September 2014

Weird. We made the version with coarsely grated raw carrots, and the perfumery orange-blossom water just didn't go well with the naturally sweet carrots. DH thinks it tastes as if I had added a can of mouldy beer. I'll stick to a normal carrot salad,...
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