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Pot Pies: Comfort Food Under Cover

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Cajun Shrimp Pie with Creamy Corn Crust reviewed by kaye16

30th March 2022

Quite tasty, and easy to assemble, if pushing the limits of what a pot pie is. - I made a half recipe and baked our two servings in individual casserole dishes. The six servings suggsted for the full recipe would be pretty skimpy. - I used a small can...
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Ryan's Pie reviewed by kaye16

18th January 2022

Pretty good and quite easy. I used cooked turkey, rather than chicken, since I had that to use up. It was short on veggies, so I added some frozen peas with the meat. The cream made for a nice, yes, creamy sauce. Very tasty and satisfying.
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Chicken with Eggplant Gorgonzola Crust reviewed by kaye16

5th October 2021

This is amazingly good for very few ingredients. Easy to assemble. It's really a bit of a stretch to call this a pot pie, maybe because it's baked in the oven? No pastry, so real sauce (although a sauce did develop in the oven). I had two largish kip...
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Swiss Salmon Spinach Pie reviewed by kaye16

29th April 2021

4.5 even, maybe not quite "perfect". Not a pot pie at all, the topping is grated "Swiss" cheese. Nevertheless it is quite good. I had about a quarter of the salmon (350g) and made a more-or-less half recipe, which served two nicely as a one-dish meal.
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