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Jeannette's secrets of everyday good cooking

Recent Reviews

Moussaka I reviewed by kaye16

13th September 2013

It's leftover time. Roast lamb? How about some simple moussaka? It's to make and amazingly tasty.
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Wine Tart reviewed by kaye16

23rd January 2011

The first time I made this, I scaled it back to fit a smaller dish. Used dry white wine. I expect a sweeter, or at least fruitier wine would be best. Or, I've noted, to try it with pineau. Today, I made this again in the 8" pie plate asked for, using...
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Cold Roast Chicken with Leeks Vinaigrette reviewed by kaye16

16th April 2010

What to do with leftover chicken? Make a beautiful salad, of course. This would be a lovely platter at a buffet. I might do the eggs in wedges rather than slices, but that's a minor thing.
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Potatoes Bourguignonne reviewed by kaye16

18th March 2010

We liked this, but I worry about the amount of potatoes. She asks for 4-5 cooked potatoes quartered. I had two medium potatoes and cut them in 16ths. Maybe I just like my potato bits smaller, while she likes them big?
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