The Lighthearted cookbook
By Anne Lindsay
Key Porter Books Limited - 1988
ISBN: 1550130684

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The Lighthearted cookbook

Recent Reviews

Mexican rice and bean casserole reviewed by Kestrel

23rd September 2023

A simple and tasty one pot meal. I usually use beans cooked from dry rather than canned, just personal preference.
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Zucchini muffins reviewed by Kestrel

2nd February 2023

Very good muffins. I used cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg as the spices, and omitted the raisins.
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Apple raisin muffins reviewed by Kestrel

2nd February 2023

Another really nice muffin from this book. My applesauce was sweetened so I reduced the sugar to 2 tbsp and that worked well. I used bran from the Arva flour mill in Canada which tends to be finer than store bought bran and also omitted the orange zest....
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Microwave oatmeal squares reviewed by Kestrel

2nd February 2023

These are super easy squares. I use half a recipe to make just a few squares at a time. They are sweet and most kids love them.
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