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Still Life with Menu Cookbook

Recent Reviews

Yogurt scones reviewed by Kestrel

30th August 2020

As the author notes, these are very easy and quick to make (I skipped the processor and mixed mine totally by hand). I made a half recipe, and my yield was much higher than that stated in the recipe at 11 medium sized scones. I used sifted red fife for...
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Chocolate Ginger Snaps reviewed by BethNH

17th February 2015

I made these for someone whose favorite flavors are chocolate and ginger. Sadly, these cookies don't taste strongly of either flavor. I suppose that was to be expected as there is only 1 oz of unsweetened chocolate in the batter but I was hoping for...
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Lemon Snaps reviewed by BethNH

21st August 2011

I may have to bake these again to give a fair rating. The cookies have minimal ingredients and are leavened by only one egg. I added a few drops of lemon oil for added lemon flavor. I expected flat "snap" cookies but the cookies I got were small mounds...
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Szechwan Green Beans reviewed by BethNH

18th June 2011

Very simple, very wonderful recipe! Essentially a green bean stir fry with garlic and red pepper flakes. Everyone in my family loved them and we'll eat green beans this way again very soon.
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