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A Passion for My Provence: Home Cooking from the South of France

Recent Reviews

Boeuf en casserole des mariniers du Rhône (Beef shanks braised in onions from the bargemen of the Rhone) reviewed by wester

15th June 2014

Simplicity itself - you put the meat and the onions in a pan and let them stew in their own juices for a long time. Very tasty too. I put the anchovies in with the meat instead of in the parsley, and that worked very well - they melted into the sauce.
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Poisson en papillote à la menthe et au pastis (Fish steaks in papillote with mint and Pernod) reviewed by wester

26th May 2011

A very good flavor. I just thought it was slightly overcooked. Next time I'll shorten the oven time.
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Pasta with red pepper and tomato relish (Pâtes fraîches à la marmelade de poivrons et aux tomate reviewed by wester

15th September 2010

Nice but not special.
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