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Pure Simple Cooking: Effortless Meals Every Day

Recent Reviews

Basil and Tomato Butter reviewed by friederike

1st August 2017

Quite nice, but only because I used about half the amount of butter for the whole amount of basil and tomatoes since the Black Olive Butter I made a few weeks ago wasn't strong enough at all. That said, I actually don't know how much basil I used, but...
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Peaches in White Wine and Basil reviewed by friederike

9th June 2017

Excellent! Easy and very, very delicious. We also used this dish to finish various bits of white wine - worked like a charm! We had plenty of sauce leftover, which we then drank with sparkling water - very delicious as well!
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Salmon en Papillote with Watercress Sauce reviewed by friederike

4th September 2015

Incredibly easy and really good! I substituted sherry for the dry vermouth, which unfortunately didn't really work - next time I'll simpy use white wine -, and I used a shallot instead of half an onion. I also only made half the sauce, because I didn't...
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White Beans and Cabbage with Chorizo reviewed by friederike

18th August 2015

Chorizo-flavoured textures... The punchline actually says it all - all we tasted was chorizo, carried by various textures. To make things worse, it didn't actually work as the cabbage needed to cook for 20 minutes, not 3. Admittedly, we used half a pointed...
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