Vegetarian Planet
By Didi Emmons
Harvard Common Press - 1997
ISBN: 1558321152

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Vegetarian Planet

Vegetarian Planet: member book reviews

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7th January 2019


I've had this book for quite a while, but not used it all that much. Recently it was my cookbook-of-the-month, meaning I cooked from it at least once a week for a month.

This is almost an excellent vegetarian cookbook. There are lots of interesting ideas and unusual combinations, most of which work quite well. As a whole recipes tend to be under spiced/flavored. We frequently used various hot sauces to liven things up at table.

The Banana-Ginger Chutney was an enormous hit. It went well not only with the excellent Jamaican Burgers, but also with boudin noir and foie gras. (Not exactly vegetarian, but there you go.)

(edited 7th January 2019) report

5th January 2019

Barbara from Amsterdam,

I recently acquired this book (second hand) and have lots of recipes marked to try. And i have been cooking from it quite a bit.

So far I find that many recipes just seem to miss the mark somehow, not being quite balanced and needing some added tweaking and adjustments. Still, it is a great source of basic ideas for vegetarian meals. Just be prepared to make lots of adjustments.

The index is terrible. For example, bell peppers are a prominent part of several recipes, but because they are not mentioned in the title, these recipes are not indexed. So if you are looking for recipes that uses bell peppers, you won't find them.


1st December 2009

bookwoman from Maynard, MA

This is my favorite vegetarian cookbook - I am not a vegetarian but grew up on a farm so I love veggies. Everything I have made from the book has been delicious - it is pretty easy to use although I could have used a stronger binding since I use this one enough so it's falling apart.


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