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Tomatoes and Eggplant over Couscous with Caper Sauce reviewed by Barbara

5th January 2019

I wasn't sure about this recipe on day one (not unusual; I often don't taste it as well after I've been busy cooking it). But I loved it on day 2. Not part of the recipe, but I added crumbled feta cheese, which really went well. Next time I will try...
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Carrot,Ginger, and Beet soup reviewed by Barbara

5th January 2019

I'm not sure if it was execution or just a poor recipe, but the flavour of the soup was totally dominated by the grated orange zest. Maybe there was some pith in the zest, or I should have scraped the carrots, but the soup also has an underlying bitter...
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Couscous with Red Pepper, Chickpea, and Almond Stew reviewed by kaye16

19th December 2018

This was very good, if not quite there, but worth repeating. - I made a halfish recipe, but used all the chickpeas because that's what I had. - I didn't have slivered almonds (inventory control failure!), so used whole white almonds, toasted them, the...
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Pasta with Baby Red Lentils and Ginger reviewed by kaye16

16th December 2018

(The title probably should have been titled Pasta with Baby Spinach, Red Lentils and Ginger.) Spinach flavored with garlic, ginger, and sage with pasta and red lentils. Very interesting tastes. Emmons asked for penne as the pasta. Both of us thought...
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