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May 26th, 2020

One Horse Open Slaw Burger from The Bob's Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

Cole slaw as a burger topping was OK. I like mayo on my burgers anyway, so cole slaw isn't much of a jump. Could have used some acidity - something like capers or a pickled jalapenos or a diced pickle... read more >

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The German Kitchen: Traditional Recipes, Regional Favorites

By Christopher Knuth, Catherine Knuth
Interlink Pub Group - 2013

Not crazy about this one. I found that the mint took over and the parsley got lost. I also found the carrots dominated the cabbage. But it's a fast hot salad with ingredients I'm often looking to use up, so I might try it again.

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This recipe is hampered by the lack of any timing on the sauce. It took me more than 20 minutes of simmering for the flavors to come together. I also had trouble with the mustard wanting to fall out of solution. That said, it's a very pleasant cream sauce, with the aromatic sage able to stand up to the mustard flavors. I feel like it needs tweaking, but also that it will be worth it.

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4th March 2018

Chicken Schnitzel (Hahnchenschnitzel) : page 65

Pleasant; more of a technique than a recipe. Needs salt and possibly other seasonings. Generally a hit in my house; we had some debate over whether it needed a sauce or whether that would make the coating go gummy.

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29th December 2016

Cold Dog (Kalter Hund) : page 175

Shortbread cookies are layered with a simple chocolate icing and some almonds. It is a simple family treat; I can imagine this as something I'd make to dress up ingredients I had on hand anyway.

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7th June 2015

Cucumber Salad (Gurkensalat) : page 130

A good but rather standard version of the classic vinegar and cucumbers dish. Adding the dressing at the end allows the cucumbers to retain some of their crispness and fresh flavor, unlike the marinated versions which really become a quick pickle.

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It's a nice dish; a more custardy take on a frittata appropriate for brunch or breakfast-for-dinner.

Unfortunately, the recipe really doesn't help on the technique - no guidance on how long on the stove and how long under the broiler; no suggestion that the flour should be mixed with a little milk first to make a slurry, not just thrown into the bowl. Basic points, yes, but they would greatly improve the instructions.

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Nice approach; went over well with my family. Very similar to a paprikash, but I've not had pork served that way. I also like the more rustic sauce you get with the thinly sliced peppers, though I think the recipe's call for 4 green peppers would be overkill if you're using American supermarket bell peppers. I used 2 sweet peppers the size of Hungarian wax peppers, and that was plenty.

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It says it's a winter soup, but the broth is light enough for any time of year. My wife says the Saxon version of this soup is more sweet-and-sour; a small bit of rice wine or rice wine vinegar makes a nice table addition if you're going for that taste.

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26th December 2014

Red Wine Cake (Rotweinkuchen) : page 170

My wife called this a "very German" cake - meaning it's dense, with a tight, slightly dry crumb. Cinnamon is the dominant flavor, with chocolate and raisin notes behind it. (I'll probably back off the cinnamon and boost the cocoa next time.) Very pleasant with a little iced cream or whipped cream, and perhaps a cup of coffee.

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