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The German Kitchen: Traditional Recipes, Regional Favorites

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Grandma's Paprika Pork Cutlets (Omas Paprika-Schweinekotelett) reviewed by hipcook

24th September 2018

Nice approach; went over well with my family. Very similar to a paprikash, but I've not had pork served that way. I also like the more rustic sauce you get with the thinly sliced peppers, though I think the recipe's call for 4 green peppers would be overkill...
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Chicken Schnitzel (Hahnchenschnitzel) reviewed by hipcook

4th March 2018

Pleasant; more of a technique than a recipe. Needs salt and possibly other seasonings. Generally a hit in my house; we had some debate over whether it needed a sauce or whether that would make the coating go gummy.
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Cold Dog (Kalter Hund) reviewed by hipcook

29th December 2016

Shortbread cookies are layered with a simple chocolate icing and some almonds. It is a simple family treat; I can imagine this as something I'd make to dress up ingredients I had on hand anyway.
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Carrot, Parsnip, and Cabbage with Mustard Seeds (Mohren-Pastinak-Kohl-Genuse mit Senfkornern) reviewed by hipcook

12th June 2016

Not crazy about this one. I found that the mint took over and the parsley got lost. I also found the carrots dominated the cabbage. But it's a fast hot salad with ingredients I'm often looking to use up, so I might try it again.
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