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November 2nd, 2019

Sticky Asian Salmon from Sous Vide Supreme

I've been making an ersatz Asian-ish salmon for a long time, with a doctored Hoisin/vaguely teriyaki-ish glaze. This recipe doesn't have that level of sweetness in it, but my family reports that's a good... read more >

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BakeWise: The Hows and Whys of Successful Baking with Over 200 Magnificent Recipes

By Shirley O. Corriher
Scribner - 2008

14th March 2011

Grandmother's Pecan Macaroons : page 398

These are amazing cookies. Make me rethink what a 5-star rating should mean cookies. Lie to your wife and tell her they're too burnt to eat cookies.

How to describe them? Imagine a pecan pie in truffle form. Small, chewy balls of pecans and sweetness, with the perfectly addictive balance of salt.

The only problem with the recipe is that Shirley says they're "better made several weeks ahead." I don't doubt this is true for a minute. I do doubt that there are more than 10 people on earth who could let 40 of these survive in their house for a week.

(I'll also point out that they were so good warm, crunchy on the outside and still a bit gooey in the middle, that I seriously thought about devouring the whole batch then and there, pancreas bedamned.)

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14th January 2013 (edited: 14th January 2013)

Serious Stuff Gingerbread : page 84

Shirley does it again! The texture on this gingerbread cake is about as perfect as I can imagine - moist and springy, chewy without being tough. It's dead easy and quick to make. Spice-wise, it is indeed "serious stuff" - my 5-year-old finds it "funny tasting." I was using blackstrap molasses and I'm glad I ran a little short; I think that flavor might have gotten excessive for my taste.

I'm tempted to play with sauce or icing options on this one, but the right play might be to stay simple and go with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

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