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BakeWise: The Hows and Whys of Successful Baking with Over 200 Magnificent Recipes

Recent Reviews

Serious Stuff Gingerbread reviewed by hipcook

14th January 2013

Shirley does it again! The texture on this gingerbread cake is about as perfect as I can imagine - moist and springy, chewy without being tough. It's dead easy and quick to make. Spice-wise, it is indeed "serious stuff" - my 5-year-old finds it "funny...
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Grandmother's Pecan Macaroons reviewed by hipcook

14th March 2011

These are amazing cookies. Make me rethink what a 5-star rating should mean cookies. Lie to your wife and tell her they're too burnt to eat cookies. How to describe them? Imagine a pecan pie in truffle form. Small, chewy balls of pecans and sweetness,...
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Serious Rum Cake reviewed by AnkoCupp

24th January 2011

This cake has become my go-to cake for practically any occasion. On one hand, it is incredibly tender, moist, and has a delicious citrusy flavor. On the other hand, the ingredients list is mostly made up of things I already have, plus a couple oranges...
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