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August 5th, 2019

Ping Gai Chicen from Food Wishes

This was super delicious. My only question is the amount of the chicken. 2-1/2# of boneless meat is a lot for four people. For two, I had 324g, which was slightly over a quarter of what as asked. We both... read more >

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Eating Together: Recipes and Recollections

By Lillian Hellman, Peter Feibleman
Little, Brown and Company - 1984

January 25th, 2016

A fun read, with his and hers sections—first reminiscences and recipes from Lillian Hellman; then the same from Peter Feibleman (who wrote a couple of the Time-Life Foods of the World books). They were both from New Orleans and apparently close friends. She died as this book was being readied to print.

I haven't cooked from this yet, but have marked quite a few recipes, more in Feibleman's section.