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Gratin Dauphinois from Cooking with Pomiane (Modern Library Food)

I usually use the recipe for this in Best Ever French Cooking Course, but tonight I thought I'd try Pomiane's approach,... read more >

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The Best 125 Meatless Pasta Dishes

By Susann Geiskopf-Hadler, Mindy Toomay
Prima Lifestyles - 1991

22nd December 2011 (edited: 23rd December 2011)

Curried Creamed Eggs : page 230

A good idea for a recipe. Some problems as printed, and I made one major-ish change.
- The recipe says it yields 8 main-course servings. It must be only 4. Plus, other recipes in the book are generally either 4 main-course servings or 8 side-dish servings. I suspect this is an error that didn't get caught in the editing.
- In halving the recipe for 2, I used somewhat more peas than asked, no reason to be skimpy. This was nice.
- I started with a short 1 cup of milk (1-1/2 cups for the whole recipe), and had to add more milk at the end to thin the sauce a bit. I suspect 1-1/2 cups would have been fine for the half recipe.
- The whole recipe called for 1 tablespoon of curry powder. I used 1 tablespoon for my half recipe; might have gotten by on 2 teaspoons, but certainly 1-1/2 teaspoons would be too little. At least for our tastes.
- Used 6-ish ounces tagliatelle for two, rather than 8 oz.
- Instead of hard-boiling the eggs (one per person), I poached them in the simmering sauce. Then removed each to one of the little dishes I'd used for the chopped onion and the flour/curry addition. Then warmed the peas in the sauce and mixed the sauce with the pasta. Served the pasta into two dishes, topping each with a poached egg.
- Some chopped chives or even parsley on top would have been pretty.

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9th December 2011 (edited: 25th December 2011)

Pastina and Pea Soup : page 56

Pretty darn good for a fast and almost effortless dinner. The only work involved is chopping an onion and some garlic.

A light-ish soup, made a nice dinner with some Camembert after.

Six first-course servings is about right. We had two mains and enough leftover for two lunches.

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