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December 2nd, 2019

Curried Cauliflower Bisque from Vegetarian Planet

Pretty good stuff. Be a bit generous with the curry powder. I cut back the milk by at least a cup, since it seemed way too much. Result was tasty. read more >

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The vegetarian feast

By Martha Rose Shulman
Harper & Row - 1979

My note from feb90: Tasty. All veggies could be chopped ahead and assembled in last 30min.

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12th May 2018 (edited: 12th May 2018)

Marinated Vegetables à ls Greque : page 76

My veggies, started yesterday, are marinating for a meal later today. First sample is tasty.

- To be able to submerge all the veggies, I ended up with double the liquid ingredients of marinade in the same proportion as Shulman directs.
- Not the season for Brussels sprouts. I added some broccoli.

This was definitely a hit.
- Many of the cherry tomatoes were done to smush. They should cook less.
- "Small" florets of cauliflower should be smaller than I usually cut them.
- The pearl onions were a hit, which is a shame since they are extraordinarily tedious to peel.
- The mushrooms were a hit.
- Quite thin haricots verts were perfectly done. Fatter regular green beans might want a bit longer to cook.

Served with some sliced baguette to soppy up the marinade on the plate.

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12th May 2018 (edited: 12th May 2018)

Spanikopita : page 166

I did this in aug91. Very good is all I wrote.
This recipe for spanikopita is interesting (to me) because it has mushrooms.

- For the spinach, a 750g package of frozen spinach does the job.

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