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Beef TIkka from Reza's Indian Spice

Delicious grilled meat cubes, twice marinated. A little bit of work early in the day, but then they sit until you're ready for them. Would be a good meal for company since there's little work needed at... read more >

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Greene on Greens

By Bert Greene
Workman Publishing Company - 1984

27th October 2010 (edited: 27th October 2010)

Mildred Schulz's String Beans and Potatoes : page 346

I suppose this is meant as side dish. I made close to double as a main course for two. I was afraid the vinegar might be overwhelming, but it wasn't. The whole effect was delicious, and looked quite pretty piled on the plates.

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26th July 2011

Mingle Mangle (Warm Zucchini Salad) : page 399

Very good. The recipe says it serves 4-6; 6 would be very dainty servings.

This dish really is a salad, with the zukes tossed in a hot creamy sauce, finishing up rather lukewarm.

It could be served as an starter, maybe served in small shallow dishes.
It could be sered as a proper side. We had it on the table as a side, but ended up eating it separately after the pork and polenta (which really wasn't conducive to a saucy side on the same plate).
My husband suggested it might make a good pasta sauce, and I think he might be right here. The cream sauce would be very nice with a pasta-with-shape, gemelli, fusilli, etc. This will be its next appearance on our table, maybe even in this zucchini season, where we're struggling to use the bounty from our garden.

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16th July 2015

Pachadi—Indian Cucumber Salad : page 147

I made a half recipe and we liked it a lot. I'm not really sure how Indian it is with sour cream and black olives, but it was very tasty.
- No radishes in house, but this would be a nice addition.
- I didn't make up all the yogurt/sour cream mixture. Expect it would have been a bit too saucy.

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21st August 2011 (edited: 22nd August 2011)

Zucchini and Lemon Salad : page 400

A very nice salad, surprisingly good.
I didn't have a red bell pepper on hand, so I used some roasted ones from a jar.
Thinly slicing a peeled lemon was non-trivial. :-)
Made a nice starter on lettuce leaves.
Needs to be made ahead, since it sits for an hour (or more, I'm sure).
Would be a nice starter for company.

One-day old leftovers were surprisingly good. One more day, and the zucchini would be pretty soggy though.

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