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Asian Meatball Subs with Hoisin Mayonnaise reviewed by southerncooker from November, 2010

28th April 2012

These were so good. I know I'll be making them again. They are made with ground pork. Loved the hoisin mayo and the green onions and bean sprout topping. Easy and delicious.
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Cantonese Chicken and Mushrooms reviewed by southerncooker from December, 2010

11th December 2011

My daughter made this one and I was the happy recipient of the leftovers. They were delicious served over rice as suggested by the recipe. She said it was an easy to throw together weeknight recipe that earned it's place in the weeknight cooking section...
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Loan's Cheesy Corn Puffs reviewed by southerncooker from November, 2011

10th December 2011

I followed the directions to a T but instead of puffing mine spread out like a cookie or cracker. I thought maybe I hadn't chilled them enough the first time but the second time it was more than twice what was called for in the directions. The second...
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Santos' Curried Potato Fritters reviewed by southerncooker from Jul/Aug, 2010

31st July 2011

This recipe is from Santos Loo. He uses cottage cheese which he says is a perfect stand in for paneer, (a good tip to know) a fresh Indian cheese which is traditionally used in these fritters. I really like this idea since I can easily find cottage cheese...
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