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Recent Reviews

Pizza with Onion and Smoked Mackerel / Uienpizza met gerookte makreel reviewed by friederike from October, 2013

16th October 2013

I liked this topping a lot, but DH complained that it wasn't enough. I suspect that it was meant for a smaller pizza, so that might have been the real reason. DH also thought it was slightly bitter (perhaps a burnt onion?) and a bit heavy/greasy, and...
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Couscous with Beetroot, Chicken and Feta Cheese / Bietencouscous reviewed by friederike from January, 2012

14th February 2012

I thought this was such an usual combination of ingredients I was actually worried it might not work - I mean, beetroot, couscous and feta, anyone? To my surprise, DB thought it was quite dull. Like the Gnocchi Istanbulognese, it missed something, perhaps...
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Pumpkin with a Herb Crust / Pompoen met kruidenkorstje reviewed by friederike from October, 2011

15th January 2012

It was quick, easy, delicious, BUT... the cheese was burnt. And actually, it's not that it was delicious, but that it would have been so if the latter hadn't happened. Of course I could have known, any grated old Gouda will burn if placed in the oven...
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Shallot Tarte Tatin / Tarte Tatin met sjalotten reviewed by friederike from December, 2011

25th December 2011

It was very delicious, but to be honest, it was so sweet it could just as well have been a dessert. Next time I probably would have used a little less butter and sugar and definitely some salt. Small issues regarding the instructions: perhaps it might...
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