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Chorizo and Chickpea Pan-Fry reviewed by digifish_books from November, 2005

11th May 2015

Tasty dish, quick and easy midweek dinner.
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Light Fruit Cake reviewed by digifish_books from August, 2010

9th May 2015

The cake doesn't really need icing (unless, perhaps, for a special occasion). Topping the cake with blanched almonds prior to baking, could be an alternative decoration. I used 150g margarine and 175g unsalted butter, and 3 large (70g+) eggs. Also omitted...
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Steak Diane reviewed by digifish_books from June, 2007

21st November 2013

Creamy Bacon, Basil & Roasted Tomato Risotto reviewed by digifish_books from October, 2010

11th October 2012