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Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston's Flour Bakery + Cafe

Basic brioche

Page 73

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19th October 2011

Zosia from Toronto, ON

The finished brioche was excellent: light and airy, yet very rich and buttery tasting. I would have given the bread a higher rating except that the cookbook's instructions didn't work for me. The recipe calls for you to use the dough hook on a stand mixer for the entire process. I have a KA pro 5 plus stand mixer and was unable to complete the first 2 steps with the dough hook - it didn't "catch" the ingredients, it merely moved them around. I used my trusty wooden spoon to do the initial mixing and the paddle attachment to incorporate the butter. At that point, I was able to complete the recipe as per the instructions with the dough hook attachment. I found the descriptions of the dough at each stage to be very helpful and accurate. The loaves baked up exactly as described.

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