Chinese Cuisine: Szechwan Style
By Lee Hwa Lin
Wei-Chuan Publishing Co Ltd ,U.S. - 1993
ISBN: 0941676315

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Chinese Cuisine: Szechwan Style

Beef with Green Pepper (青椒牛肉片, qīng jiāo niú ròu piān)

Page 52

(1 review)

Tags: peppers beef stir-fry hot chilli keeper chinese cooking

Recipe Reviews

20th September 2011

friederike from Berlin,

Really, really delicious. The two red peppers were somewhat hotter than I expected; next time I would probably use 1 or 1 1/2. The dish was relatively simple, with slightly less cutting work to do and fewer steps. We stir-fried the meat instead of deep-frying it, which worked perfectly well. The meat was especially delicious, very tender, though I couldn't figure out whether that was due to the marinade or the quality of the meat or anything else.

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