Chinese Cuisine: Szechwan Style
By Lee Hwa Lin
Wei-Chuan Publishing Co Ltd ,U.S. - 1993
ISBN: 0941676315

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Chinese Cuisine: Szechwan Style

Recent Reviews

Sweet and Sour Fish (糖醋鱼, tángcùyú) reviewed by friederike

21st November 2014

The deep-fried fish was absolutely brilliant! I also liked the sauce; DH just isn't that much of a fan of sweet and sour and liked it somewhat less - but that's probably unrelated to this specific recipe. I followed the recipe fairly precisely, with...
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Spicy Shrimp (干燒蝦仁, gān shāo xiārén) reviewed by friederike

13th October 2012

Not so good. They were very salty, although that appears to be due to the hot bean paste, nothing we can influence - we didn't add any salt, at least. And the flavours in general are too strong, the coating too thick. I guess it would improve if you used...
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Sizzling Rice Cake with Shrimps (鍋粑蝦仁, guō bā xiārén) reviewed by friederike

15th September 2012

We made this dish last week, and to my surprise it was the first dish from this series of books that really was a disappointment. The rice cakes were difficult to make. They didn't actually puff until the oil was quite hot, which I assume was at a higher...
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Chicken-flavoured Bok Choi (雞油菜心, jīyóu càixīn​) reviewed by friederike

26th August 2012

Slightly boring. I didn't taste any chicken at all. We only had half the bok choi needed, which isn't a problem as we we're planning to have the other half tomorrow anyway. Actually, this turned out to be in our favour, as I didn't see how I should have...
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