Chinese Cuisine: Szechwan Style
By Lee Hwa Lin
Wei-Chuan Publishing Co Ltd ,U.S. - 1993
ISBN: 0941676315

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Chinese Cuisine: Szechwan Style

Sizzling Rice Cake with Shrimps (鍋粑蝦仁, guō bā xiārén)

Page 32

Cuisine: Chinese | Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: shrimp rice cake

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15th September 2012

friederike from Berlin,

We made this dish last week, and to my surprise it was the first dish from this series of books that really was a disappointment.

The rice cakes were difficult to make. They didn't actually puff until the oil was quite hot, which I assume was at a higher temperature than 160°C. Once they did puff, it didn't take long until they were burnt. Those that turned out well were delicious, as long as you only ate a few, and tasted a little like popcorn.

The sauce was a disaster, just a tasteless mass thickened with lots of cornstarch. We didn't like it at all.

Also published in Rice: Traditional Chinese Cooking. There is a very similar dish in Rice: Chinese Home Cooking, with less cornstarch, no ketchup, but more ingredients overall, amongst which sea cucumber (hehe...). I'm not sure yet if we'll give it a try.

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