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Jamie's Ministry of Food: Anyone Can Learn to Cook in 24 Hours

Parmesan chicken breasts with crispy posh ham

Page 242

Cuisine: English/Scottish

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5th August 2018


This was excellent and very easy to make. Chicken breasts are lightly bashed, topped with cheese, herbs,and Parmesan and then pan fried. I made this as shown in the YouTube video using both thyme and rosemary. I would increase the herbs next time (just personal preference). The one caveat is the size of the chicken breasts; North American chicken pieces are much bigger than British so needed to be split before cooking. I served on a bed of greens, cherry tomatoes and shaved fennel fresh from the garden for a delicious meal.

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10th April 2011

redjanet from London,

A delicious take on the classic chicken wrapped in bacon, this dish is quick and fairly easy to make. The end results are very flavourful thanks to the use of prosciutto, parmesan, lemon zest and thyme. This goes really well with salad and new potatoes for a satisfying weekday meal.

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