By Jane Lawson
Uitgeverij Terra Lannoo - 2011
ISBN: 9789089893826

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Thai Beef Salad / Thaise rundvleessalade

Page 120

| Course Type: Salads

(1 review)

Tags: Thai beef salad lunch box salad with meat

Recipe Reviews

11th August 2011

friederike from Berlin,

According to DB, this is a salad with with very strong flavours; some of them even too strong. The dressing was too salty (what can you expect with 4 tbsp fish sauce and no oil?). It probably would have been too sour too if I had added all of the lime juice required - I used the juice of one lime; 100ml would have been approximately the juice of three limes. And he thought the salad contained too many shallots, though I only used 2 of the 4 required! I also used a mix of rocket and other strong-flavoured leaves, which was a good choice as iceberg wouldn't have been able to hold up against the other flavours. I used only about 250g of meat instead of the 600g required, which was fine; you'll need to adjust the cooking time, of course, or skip placing it inthe oven altogether.

All in all, a nice salad if you like strong flavours, but the ratio of ingredients definitely needs to be tweaked. We added some oil to the dressing today, let's see how that goes.

Apparently the addition of some oil (lots of oil!) and a few less shallots is all that is needed to make this a really good salad.

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