By Jane Lawson
Uitgeverij Terra Lannoo - 2011
ISBN: 9789089893826

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Recent Reviews

Couscous Salad reviewed by friederike

13th March 2014

A very nice salad! Actually I only have two comments: one is that you need to make sure you have enough salad dressing, because without it, the salad gets boring quickly. The other is that it's an awful lot of work for a salad (though it might be apt...
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Cucumber, Feta, Mint and Dill Salad / Salade van komkommer, feta, munt en dille reviewed by friederike

3rd March 2013

A nice, simple salad. Be careful not to add too much lemon juice.
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Moroccan Aubergine with Couscous / Marokkaanse aubergine met couscous reviewed by friederike

30th January 2013

I wasn't impressed. The salad contained capers, which I don't like; apart from that (trying to be objective here), I thought they were too sour for the salad and too strong a contrast, but without them, the salad was just bland. The spices gave a nice...
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Chicken with Mixed Rice, Sultanas and Toasted Cashews / Kip met gemengde rijst, sultanas, geroosterde cashewnoten reviewed by friederike

12th October 2012

A nice salad and a brilliant way to use leftovers of chicken and rice. I was surprised, though, that this salad didn't contain a single vegetable; but then again, nor do most potato salads. Serves 2 as a lunchbox/meal. You can also omit the chicken and...
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