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Chinese Cuisine: Cantonese Style

Good Luck Fish Cake (如意魚崧, rú yì yú sōng)

Page 43

Cuisine: Chinese | Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: fish fish cakes chinese cooking

Recipe Reviews

6th March 2010

friederike from Berlin,

Really delicious! We unfortunately forgot to add the sauce to the fish-cuttlefish mixture, which made baking a ‘pancake’ somewhat more difficult, but we succeeded, and the result was perfect! As the dish is cooked rapidly, it has little time to actually get warm, so keep an eye on that and don’t prepare the fish in advance as you’ll need the heat it looses.

Don’t be mislead by the portion sizes – I believe that they take into account that several dishes would be served to a party of six. We served this dish together with Black Pepper Beef, Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce and plain rice to three, and I doubt we could have fed six with this dish alone.

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