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Chinese Cuisine: Cantonese Style

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Shrimp in Soy Sauce (生抽焗中蝦, shēng​chōujúzhōngxiā) reviewed by friederike

4th May 2013

Dried out and not very strong in flavour. The recipes says you need to cook the shrimp for 5 minutes, which is too long and will result in overcooked shrimp. However, they didn't take up the flavour of the sauce in that time, so that doesn't seem to be...
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Steamed Garlic Shrimp reviewed by friederike

16th April 2013

It tasted boring and didn't contain a lot of flavour, and yet you're saddled with really bad breath afterwards... not worth the trouble.
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Eggplant with Pork (肉鬆茄子, ròusōng qiézi) reviewed by friederike

10th February 2013

Really nice. The flavours could have been bolder; next time I'd especially add a little more bean paste and more chili, and possibly more pickles, but then the real ones. We used only a red chili instead of a red and a green one; and a Dutch pickled gherkin...
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Black Pepper Beef (黑椒牛柳條, hēi jiāo niú liǔ tiáo) reviewed by friederike

6th March 2010

Very delicious, although you should keep an eye on the chilli peppers. We added little more than a tablespoon of red chillies, and no green chillies at all, and it was hot! But still delicious. Don’t be mislead by the portion sizes – I believe that...
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