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The Bread Baker's Apprentice: Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread

Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire

Page 187

| Course Type: Breads

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31st January 2011


I had the same experience as the other reviewer -- I had to add over a cup of extra flour to the dough.

I used buttermilk, coarse polenta, brown rice and rolled oats for the various components. Overall -- this is the best multigrain bread I've been able to make at home.

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1st February 2009

andrew from Vancouver Island, BC

This is fantastic bread. Peter Reinhardt says this makes excellent toast and is one of his favourites. I would heartily agree. I think it's possibly the best toast bread I've ever had. Very highly recommended.

I use buttermilk, brown rice and whole grain cornmeal for the soaker as well as bran and rolled oats.

The only issue with the recipe is that consistently I have to add at least another cup of flour when kneading this, as it's a quite sticky dough. Sometimes even more than a cup, so have some handy. I also add 10-20% whole wheat flour with good results. I've found that over 20% starts to interfere with the crumb and the chewiness of the bread.

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