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December, 2011

Cherry Almond Crumble / Kersen-amandelcrumble

Page 48

| Course Type: Desserts

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Tags: almonds Crumble cherries Greek yoghurt cantuccini canned cherries

Recipe Reviews

19th January 2012

friederike from Berlin,

There were so many things that went wrong with this dish! The corn starch agglutinated and did not dissolve, never mind how much I stirred; it was too sweet; the so-called crust was actually nothing more than a powder of crushed cookies, brown sugar and a few chopped almonds; the cream-Greek-yoghurt-mix turned tasted like liquid Greek Yoghurt with a few extra calories added, and it definitely wasn't enough for six persons.

In our next round, I added some lemon juice, mixed the crumbs with approximately 100g butter (and then used just half of the crumb mixture as it seemed to be enough), and that was a lot better already.

It's a pity this recipe needs so much tweaking, even more so as it looked like one of the few promising recipes from this edition of the magazine.

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