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Delicious (NL)

December, 2011

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Mini Crab Cakes with Herb Sauce / Mini-krabkoekjes met kruidensaus reviewed by friederike

29th March 2014

Terrible. The recipe failed on a number of counts, but the result wasn't very pleasing either - tasted like potato mash cakes with a slight crab flavour. First of all, you supposed to slightly whip the egg yolks in one bowl, whip the egg whites till...
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Cherry Almond Crumble / Kersen-amandelcrumble reviewed by friederike

19th January 2012

There were so many things that went wrong with this dish! The corn starch agglutinated and did not dissolve, never mind how much I stirred; it was too sweet; the so-called crust was actually nothing more than a powder of crushed cookies, brown sugar and...
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