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Spinach Cannelloni with Parmesan Cheese reviewed by friederike from February, 2014

10th March 2018

The cheese sauce was very delicious; but the recipe did't include a red sauce but just uncooked passata. While we are always grateful to skip any unneccessary steps, making a red sauce isn't one of them. The problem is that passata is quite watery and...
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Cannelloni with Minced Meat and Mushrooms / Cannelloni met gehakt en paddestoelen reviewed by friederike from February, 2014

16th June 2016

This was really delicious! It's been quite a while since I've been wowed like this by a dish I made for the first time (well, it's been quite a while since I've regularly made dishes for the first time anyway, but let's ignore that detail for a minute)....
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Chicken with Apricots, Chickpeas and Sweet Potato / Abrikozenkip met kikkererwten en zoete aardappel reviewed by friederike from February, 2014

16th June 2016

It was quite nice, but it wasn't at all what was in the recipe. I forgot to buy sweet potatoes, so I simply omitted those; the dried apricots smelled off, so I replaced them with prunes; I had about 700 g of deboned chicken thighs instead of the 500 g...
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Braised Chicken with Lentils / Gesmoorde kip met linzen reviewed by friederike from February, 2016

9th April 2016

Tastewise, it was really delicious, and it was quite easy to prepare as well! We had only two issues, one of which was that the meat had dried out slightly. That might have been partly my fault, as I had accidentally bought deboned chicken thighs that,...
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