Werken met vis
By Bart van Olphen
Amsterdam Carrera - 2012
ISBN: 9789048816217

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Werken met vis

Cod with Parma Ham and Lentils / Kabeljauw met Parmaham en Linzen

Page 249

| Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: lentils cod supermarket fish parma

Recipe Reviews

10th March 2013

friederike from Berlin,

A bit of a mixed bag. First of all, we didn't do the lentils - I thought that we still had some, and when I found out we didn't, I wasn't able to get them at the store either. But I can absolutely see them work well with the cod and the parma ham.

The other parts of the dish, that is to say the cod and the parma, combined very well in flavour. Additionally, the parma protected the cod, producing a perfectly cooked fish. The recipe also includes a warning to be careful with salt, and indeed you don't need any salt at all, the ham is salty enough. The problem is, though, that the textures are wildly different, and to get to get very tender, very flaky cod, you'll have to go through the ham first, for which you will need a small electrical saw. Not a good idea.

We tried it a second time, this time chopping or tearing the ham into pieces, and then serving it as a topping for the cod. It worked a lot better, but then again the cod wasn't that perfectly cooked... I guess you just can't have it all...

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