Werken met vis
By Bart van Olphen
Amsterdam Carrera - 2012
ISBN: 9789048816217

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Werken met vis

Recent Reviews

Sardine Pâté reviewed by friederike

15th April 2014

Quite nice and very, very easy. It contained a bit too much butter for my taste, although I'll have to admit that I saw too late that the net weight of the of sardines was 85g, not 100g as I had assumed. Next time I'd just start with 40g of butter, and...
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Cod with Parma Ham and Lentils / Kabeljauw met Parmaham en Linzen reviewed by friederike

10th March 2013

A bit of a mixed bag. First of all, we didn't do the lentils - I thought that we still had some, and when I found out we didn't, I wasn't able to get them at the store either. But I can absolutely see them work well with the cod and the parma ham. The...
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Aïoli reviewed by friederike

8th March 2013

Hard to rate. We started out whisking it with a fork; unfortunately, the sauce started to curdle. As we didn't have any eggs leftover, we added a spoon of mayonnaise in an attempt to rescue the sauce. Also, we switched to an electric handmixer. It looked...
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Battered Deep-fried Fish Filet / Visfilet in beslag frituren reviewed by friederike

8th March 2013

Very nice! The batter was very thin, which I enjoyed; DH mentioned he wouldn't mind if the batter had been a bit thicker. Be careful, though: the quantities for fish and batter are given as per person. This has to be a mistake, as we used a single portion...
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