Modern Moroccan
By Ghillie Bhasan
Hermes House - 2003
ISBN: 1846813840

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Modern Moroccan

Tagine of Beef with Peas and Saffron

Page 80

Cuisine: Middle Eastern | Course Type: Main Courses

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Tags: braise peas beef tomato braised beef preserved lemon tagine

Recipe Reviews

20th September 2013

friederike from Berlin,

DH absolutely loved it; I think there are other, nicer braises. In addition, the proportions were off.

The dish didn't say how much water to add exactly, except that it had to cover the meat. In our case, that was 600ml. The meat wasn't soft after 1 1/2 hours, we had to let it simmer another hour to get there; we left it uncovered during that time as there was still an awful lot of liquid. I'm glad that we did that as the amount of sauce we had eventually was quite right (if not still too liquid). We prepared the dish for four persons instead of six, so we didn't use 1.2kg chuck steak but only 700g, only half a preserved lemon, and 20g fresh ginger (partly to substitute for the ground ginger we had run out of). We also used 250g frozen peas (instead of the 1,2 kg fresh and shelled peas), and yet the dish looked like a pond full of duckweed!

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