Modern Moroccan
By Ghillie Bhasan
Hermes House - 2003
ISBN: 1846813840

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Modern Moroccan

Recent Reviews

Carrot Salad reviewed by friederike

27th May 2018

For some reason, cooked carrots and salad just don't work in my mind - but once I realized that I simply needed to mentally file this dish as a vegetable side dish, it was actually very nice. Personally, I prefer the carrots a bit more on the al dente...
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Bus Station Kefta with Egg and Tomato reviewed by friederike

14th May 2014

I had hoped this to be some meaty version of Shakshuka (or have a look at this version), but unfortunately, it's not. I think three, no, four things presented a problem: there was too little tomato sauce, it was too sweet (why add sugar at all?), it...
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Tagine of Beef with Peas and Saffron reviewed by friederike

20th September 2013

DH absolutely loved it; I think there are other, nicer braises. In addition, the proportions were off. The dish didn't say how much water to add exactly, except that it had to cover the meat. In our case, that was 600ml. The meat wasn't soft after 1...
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Roast Chicken with Cucumber and Tomato Salad in Pitta Pockets reviewed by friederike

2nd August 2013

This is actually a bit difficult to rate, as neither of us really likes preserved lemons or tahini - and guess what sets this recipe apart from others? Yes, right, preserved lemons and tahini. We actually a tiny bit of preserved lemon, and made a garlic...
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